7 perks of hiring a commercial locksmith for your business


In the age of increasing digitization, the use of laptops, PCs and tablets at workplaces has become quite commonplace. If you are running or managing a business in Ansonia, CT, you would know the importance of providing the necessary digital devices to your workers to get the best man-machine output for your company. But have you ever handed over a laptop without a firewall, a robust anti-virus system and other security mechanisms in place? We bet the answer’s no. No matter the size of the company, every employer – or at least their IT team – takes the necessary precautions while handing out digital devices such as laptops. Now, commercial locksmiths, in a way, are an anti-virus program for every business’s physical security. They serve as the first responders during a major security breach, help put in place the necessary mechanisms to avoid external security threats and give an overall sense of security to owners. Unfortunately, according to our research, dedicated commercial locksmiths in Ansonia, CT remain heavily under utilized due to businesses insistence on saving money or reaching out to local technicians who barely understand the complex security matrix of a modern-day business. As a result, companies continue to live on the edge of a major security breach and remain blissfully ignorant about the bevy of security threats that can breach their flimsy “firewall” anytime.

I run a business in Ansonia, CT. My locks and keys work just fine. Do I need a commercial locksmith?

Well, the short answer is yes. Calling a locksmith in the event of a lock related emergency is one thing. But tying up with a bonafide commercial locksmith who can rush to your aid during emergencies and provide foolproof security solutions on a regular basis is the type of elevated security response that every business needs. Nowadays, you will find several competent commercial locksmiths in Ansonia, CTwho provide dedicated business lock and key solutions to different types of businesses, be it financial institutions, hospitality industry, cinema halls, eateries or commercial complexes. From routine lock repairs and key duplication services to advanced lock installation and handling of complex security apparatus, commercial locksmiths provide an extensive range of solutions that help business ensure all-round protection throughout the year.

If you are looking for a competent, experienced and reliable commercial locksmith in Ansonia, CT, Ansonia Locksmith Store is your best bet. With several years of experience and the trust of hundreds of high-profile clients, we have been providing top-notch commercial locksmith services to businesses operating in the city. Interested in our business security solutions? Call us anytime on 203-212-5688 to know more.

Here are the 7 perks of choosing a good commercial locksmith firm like Ansonia Locksmith Store for your business’s security …

Lock repair: Locks, even commercial grade high strength ones, lose their efficacy over a long period of time and end up getting damaged. Commercial locksmiths like us can restore such locks back to their original working condition so that you can save the money on replacement and ensure adequate security for a longer period of time.

Key-related services: From safe keys to master key systems to keyless ID cards to biometric systems, businesses use a plethora of different mechanisms to facilitate smooth ingress and egress. Commercial locksmith firms can help keep these security mechanisms functioning smoothly with their routine repair and maintenance services. Ansonia Locksmith Store can fix biometric entry systems, create or duplicate new keys, reprogram them or help set up key cards at nominal prices.

Lockout help: Office lockouts can be as embarrassing as they are unproductive. In the event of an unfortunate lockout that has left your workers and clients stranded outside or inside a certain section of the offices, you can dial Ansonia Locksmith Store and allow us to provide our lightning quick emergency lockout intervention.

Emergency services: Not just lockouts, there are various other types of emergency-like situations that can cripple operations or lead to a big security breach. Ansonia Locksmith Store offers priority emergency response in case you need urgent locksmith intervention, even in the middle of the night. Plus, you can also avail our overnight services for various other reasons such as midnight lock installation so that the staff doesn’t get disturbed during the daytime.

Safe/cabinet lock repair: Every office uses a range of storage units to protect sensitive documents, hard drives and the personal belongings of workers. But a faulty safe or a malfunctioning keypad can lead to a short-term security scare. Don’t worry, the capable locksmiths at Ansonia Locksmith Store can provide urgent solutions and help restore access in a non-invasive manner.

Lock upgrades: Are you not satisfied with your current security setup? Looking to upgrade to a new locking mechanism? Ansonia Locksmith Store experts can not only help install new security systems at workplaces but also help employers pick out the best security systems that are apt for their needs as well as budget.

Expert guidance: Besides helping businesses with new locks, our locksmiths also double up as security experts who can help detect critical gaps in your office security and suggest ways to fill them so that you can keep external threats at bay.