Explained: What does it mean to rekey a lock and when do you need it

Locksmiths provide a whole gamut of lock and key related services to homeowners, businesses and car owners all the time. However, did you know that locks rekeying service is one of the most common and sought after locksmith services out there? So what does it really mean when you have to get your locks rekeyed? For the unversed, getting locks rekeyed simply means changing the current lock mechanism in such a way that the existing key can no longer open it. The process basically involves replacing the pins from the cylinder, and can be managed efficiently with the help of the right tools and knowledge. Notably, getting locks rekeyed in Ansonia, CT is simply a matter of dialing a local locksmith. Locksmiths have the right tools, expertise and knowledge to rekey various types of locks at a pocket-friendly price. Ansonia Locksmith Store has been rekeying locks for its valuable clients for several years and offers the most reliable and affordable services in Ansonia, CT. In fact, thousands of clients get their locks rekeyed in Ansonia, CT through Ansonia Locksmith Store

Can’t I rekey my locks without professional help?

Of course you can. The same way you can replace your own car batteries or fix some local plumbing issue at home. Some of us possess the zeal and dexterity to handle everyday issues like these by ourselves. But that does not mean that everyone has to take that route; especially when professional help is just a phone call and a few bucks away. While it is technically possible to rekey your own locks, you would have to watch a few videos online or read some articles, find the right rekey tools at the hardware store and spend a considerable amount of time deconstructing your lock, replace the pins and re-assemble it again. Since locksmiths do this all the time, it takes them just a few minutes to rekey any kind of lock, be it single or double cylinder. Plus, they possess the right tools and understanding of the intricate mechanism of the lock, which allows them to provide a non-invasive and damage-free solution.

Choosing the right locksmith is the ‘key’

When it comes to availing professional assistance for getting your locks rekeyed in Ansonia, CT, it is all about choosing the right firm. While you may wonder why this is necessary since the process is quite simple and universal, we will give you a compelling enough reason to depend only on a trustworthy firm. Some freelance locksmiths, untrained professionals or even money-minded firms mislead their customers into getting their locks changed instead of rekeyed. This is because lock replacement is far more expensive and intricate than a simple rekeying job. Firms trick their customers into believing that lock replacement is the only solution during certain scenarios even though a lock rekeying service can also serve the purpose at a fraction of the price. And since clients usually do not possess enough knowledge or understanding of complex security systems, they get conned into opting for a more expensive service. This is why most people in the city choose only Ansonia Locksmith Store. We maintain absolute transparency while providing security solutions and always give the right suggestions to our customers. Our locksmith professionals never insist on a lock replacement service until all other avenues are explored. In fact, we try our hardest to offer the most economical solution to the customers. Over the years, we have helped save thousands of dollars for our customers by suggesting timely lock rekeying services. Call us now on 203-212-5688 to know more about our services.

Do I need to get my locks rekeyed?

Typically, customers should get their locks rekeyed during one of these scenarios:

Losing a key: If you have lost the key to your house or office and do not know where it may have landed up, it is advisable to get your locks rekeyed by a professional locksmith. This way, even if someone you don't trust grabs holds of the key, they will not be able to access your property.

Divorce/separation: If you are in possession of the house following a divorce or separation, it is wise to get the locks rekeyed since your former partner may still have the keys to the house. While it is just a precautionary measure, you do not want someone who is no longer part of your life to still have access to your property.

Fired an employee: If you have given the keys to your office or certain sections of the office to a worker who has been fired, then get these locks rekeyed immediately. Disgruntled former workers can be very dangerous as they may try to gain access to the office to inflict harm on your property or steal valuable information.

Moved into a new house: If you have moved into a new house, then getting your locks rekeyed should be the first order of business. This is because the former tenants, owners, real estate agents, contractual workers, etc may still have the existing keys to the house. Plus, you never know how many copies of the keys exist out there.